Maccabee's Wars

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Who killed whose G-d?

After reading a newly published YU booklet on Drashas from Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, I found it interesting that anti-semitism in the 50's reared its ugly head somewhat in the same vein as it does so today.

John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State during the Eisenhower administration, answered a question as to why the Arabs hate the Jews; his response being something to the effect that the Jews killed their G-d.

To paraphrase the Rav, it was as if Hashem placed the words into his mouth; almost as he put words into the the mouth of Billam's donkey. What Dulles actually wanted to say was that he and fellow christians like him hated the Jews because they "killed" their G-d.

So time stands still for no, anti-semitic, man.

Christ-killer accusations have long been the fashion trend. Now they even make movies about it.

The General Hospital soap of the Arab world has long been about blood sucking Jews. The editor of a leading Egyptian daily has no problem with a cartoon of Hitler and Anna Frank in the same bed. He told the BBC that there's nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, the caricatures of Mohammed are a different story; that's blasphemous.

Well, we'll always have our fellow Jews like Tony Kushner and Steven Spielberg to set the record straight.