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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ridiculous Israeli Politics

MK Uri Ariel of the National Union-National Religious Party called for the dismissal of Tzippy Livni, Israel’s Foreign Minister.

Ariel made the announcement after Livni appeared on ABC’s Nightline where during her interview she said that actions against civilian targets are deemed as terrorist actions while those against military targets are not.

I am no fan of Kadima but Livni, who is high up on the Kadima party list, is undeserving of such called-for dismissal.

I saw the interview on Nightline and Livni made it quite clear that actions against military targets are not to be tolerated by any Israeli government. In essence, she was saying that Israel is at war and will defend itself. She is not saying that Hamas or the Al aqsa Brigade of the PLO are not terrorist organizations. As long as they go after civilian targets, they are.

If terrorism is not defined, then Israel is a terrorist entity; as many leftists define it.
Further, real terrorists become "freedom fighters."

I’m tired of Menachem Begin being called a terrorist because the Irgun blew up the King David Hotel. For all those who believe in revisionist history, wake up and smell the coffee. It was a military target!

Moreover, why is the "crisis" being brought up weeks after this interview was broadcast? Whatever Kadima plans with their unilateral engagement is a matter left to debate. What Tzippy Livni did in this matter, is, at worst, of minor consequence and, at best, the beginning of a redefinition of term being bandied about too vociferously.