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Monday, November 20, 2006

Russian Roulette

No nation has murdered more people in the past 100 years than the Russian nation – not the Nazis, not the Arabs, not the Turks, not the Chinese; no one else.

Whether one looks at Stalin or the roots of the ‘cult of personality’ with earlier Russian ‘monarchs’ such as Ivan the Terrible, there is something inherently evil within the Russian core.

Of course, we could always focus on the Germans, the rest of Europe, or any empire down through the ages but Russia always seems to resurface.

Boris Stomakhin, editor of outspoken monthly newspaper Radikalnaya Politika, who had frequently called Russia’s presence in Chechnya an "occupation" and slammed President Vladimir Putin has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by a Russian court.

British police are currently investigating the poisoning of former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin.

Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, a critic of Putin and Russia's policy in Chechnya, was hospitalized in 2004 and believed she had been poisoned. Politkovskaya was shot to death Oct. 7 in her Moscow apartment building.

Though Putin was head of the KGB, there has never been any absolute proof implicating any member of the Russian government with any malfeasance.

Boris Volodarsky in an April 7, 2005 article in The Wall Street Journal wrote a fine piece regarding the alleged intentional poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko during Ukraine's presidential election campaign of 2004.

There has been no real proof whatsoever.

But I digress.

I do not wish to focus on the actions of the Russian government but rather on the Russian soul.

When Arkadi Gaydamak, a Russian businessman living in Israel opened his Jewish heart for those suffering from rocket attacks in Sderot and agreed to pay for a week-long vacation at five hotels in Eilat, he is quickly criticized by Ehud Olmert and other members of the Israeli oligarchy.

These very same people abandoned the populace of the North during the 2006 Lebanon War and the residents of Gush Katif during 2005.

This oligarchy is still operating with the Russian soul that was instilled in them at birth, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, or by their parents who raised them or their grandparents who handed it down to them over the years.

If this soul is not eradicated soon and their Jewish heart is not put in the forefront, the next abandonment will be one of the whole of the Jewish State, with the Jewish nation to follow.

One need only heed the words of Pastor Martin Nemoller to know what will happen if we let history pass us by and do nothing. At the very least we must recognize what is taking place.