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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Self Hating Jewish Anti-Semite -- Making a Buck on Your Own Nation's "Tzorus"

The New York Post reports today on the furor over the invitation of Norman Finkelstein to speak at Columbia.

Mr. Finkelstein, the author of "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering" and "Beyond Chutzpah" could have aptly used the titles of his books regarding himself.

"Exploitation," for example, is an 'expose' on how Jews are manipualting countries to fund 'innocent' countries to support the welfare of Jews. A 'proof' is that Switzerland is being forced to overpay compensation while the US is not. "Chutzpah" tries to rehash the age-old canard that disagreeing with Israel is not anti-semitism.

The chutzpah here is that these are considered scholarly works. The further Chutzpah is that its author is invited to speak at Columbia University. How long do we have to put up with these psuedo-intellectuals who are only interested in lining their pockets at the expense of others and in the long run at the expense of themselves? Why do we have to put up with these lightning rods for fame and power?

If all the monies in the world were given to Jews for the Holocaust, it would still not be enough. Even with what has been distributed today, survivors receive only a mere pittance.

Although the US could have done more for the Jews during the war. It did not participate nor was it a partner with the Germans towards the Final Solution. The Swiss, on the other hand, in just one example, were complicit with the Germans during their visit to Theresienstadt while they marvelled at "the city of the Jews." Unfortunately, the "city" was a farce where Jews were being killed by the thousands on a daily basis.

The endless conundrum where the Israelis are being compared to their Nazi persecutors and portraying the Israelis as Nazis is getting old and tired. Didn't we do away with the notion of "Zionism is racism?"

Well, Columbia never seems to get it straight. They've always had a long line of "distinguished scholars" on campus. Most notably Edward Said, the self proclaimed historian who's expertise, if any, was as an Engish professor. Should we be surprised that the great landmark of Butler Library is still named after the former President of Columbia, who often dabbled in anti-semitic diatribe?

I guess, what goes around keeps on coming around.

When will it ever stop?