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Friday, April 28, 2006

And a Walking We Will Go

They say that every Arba Amos one walks in Eretz Yisroel is another mitzvah.

No one, however, had in the mind the types of walks we were making.

For example, just on Erev Shabbos after the Sedorim, we walked 45 minutes up the hills of Yerushalayim to Derech Chevron in Talpiyot for our second Yom Tov meal; then it was another 45 minutes up to the hotels on Keren Hayasod; then it was 45 minutes down to the Kotel; then it was another 45 minutes back to the hotels; then after the Shabbos evening meal on Rechov Linkolin, otherwise know as Abraham Lincoln street, it was a half hour back to Katamon.

Did I forget to mention the hours of standing at the Kotel and just waiting and talking to people along the way? How about the 90 degree weather which came along with the Sharav or Chamsin or whatever you want to call it?

No need to make you jealous, though.

Sigh! I miss it already.