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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Al-Zawraa, Al-Jazeera Zardoz?

Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes reports that Al-Qaeda propaganda is being broadcast throughout the Arab world via Egyptian television.

In essence it is the same videos of bombings of ‘enemy’ vehicles that have already been shown on the internet on Al-Qaeda websites.

There should be no surprise that Arab regimes throughout the world are always willing to show the most disgusting aspects of they’re own lives. Our examination need not go further than the Arab Media’s endless reels of violence coming out of Gaza and Iraq. If it must, then we have the virulent racism of the movie “Obsession” to cheer us up during this holiday season. If we really want to feel great, we can always watch the Holocaust denial conference which recently took place in Iran.

But with over two billion dollars of aid given to Egypt every year, totaling fifty billion thus far,

must we have the new Al-Zawraa network broadcasting from Egypt? Must our tax money pay for this? Isn’t it enough what Al-Jazeera is showing?

We’d be better off if they put on a 24 hour network showing only the movie Zardoz, one of the worst movies of all time. Maybe it would drive them so insane they’d never want to watch or advocate violence again.

Oh I forgot, they already made that movie – A Clockwork Orange.

It didn’t work.