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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jewish Life -- English Style

On Sunday, The Tottenham Hotspur English Premiership League Football team defeated the Blackburn Rovers 3-2. Who cares you say? Aside for the fact that the first half was one of the most exciting soccer matches I've ever seen and that an Egyptian named Mido scored the game winning goal, his 7th goal in the last 11 games, the game should have no relevance to any sports fan. Certainly, the game should be of no consequence to anyone interested in Jewish life. But you'd be wrong.

You see, Tottenham has been known as "the Jewish team" for quite some time now. Over the years, it's players, ownership and fans have been well represented by Jews. The gentile fans have sort of adopted the Jewish heritage onto themselves; even the players have gone along for the ride.

A friend from England who now lives in New York told me how when his sister had been an intern teacher in the English public school system, a black child from the class came over to her and exclaimed "Miss, do you know what I am?" The frum teacher replied, "No, what are you?"
The boy cried out, "I'm aYid!"

The teacher had no idea what the precocious child was referring to. Little did she know, that many Tottenham Hotspur fans referred to themselves as Yids in support for the team.

The players have also enjoyed having Jewish roots brought to the forefront.

Edgar Davids, a black player from Paramaribo, Netherlands reported in the Jerusalem Post (though I cannot find the link) that his grandmother was Jewish.

Ahmed Mido, from Cairo, can only chuckle as his name is interchanged with Yido.

The fans attending games constantly come up with chants and songs with references to the Jewish theme. Unfortunately, anti-semitic fans of some of the opposition teams rear their ugly heads, by hissing instead of booing or whistling at "the Jewish team."

Who cares, you say? Well the Tottenham fans know all too well that the hissing refers to the gas chambers -- just another opportunity for anti-semites to say 'Love you.'