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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Do We Still Remember?

In reference to a Yom Hazikoron post on "The Zionist Conspiracy," I made the following comment which I post here as well:

1. In a pre-pesach issue of Hashavua, a weekly religious paper, there was an interview of David Hatuel, the husband and father of the murdered Hatuels.

Since the murder of his wife and children, he has been meeting with Victims of Terror giving them Chizuk.

The article makes note of a visit to a woman who lost a family member and refused to speak to anyone. Mr. Hatuel, when visiting her, made mention of what would be his feelings if only one member of his family survived. At that point the woman's depression began to ease.

Mr. Hatuel has recently remarried.

2. On a recent trip to Scotland, I spoke to Yoni Jesner's mother. A few weeks prior to speaking to her, I saw a documentary where she met the Arab family whose daughter received Yoni's organs in a life saving procedure.

This documentary, entitled "Real Life: A Mother’s Journey" was quite moving and raised serious questions and provided insightful answers.

3. The Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills with Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld and the OU led a solidarity mission to Israel prior to the Sabbaro bombing.

I watched the horrific scenes on the Thursday when it took place, as I prepared to go on the mission a few days later on Sunday.

In Israel I attended an impromptu memorial service at the site. It pains me to even think about it.

Many of our group paid a Shiva call to the Roth's and Raziel's home, which were only a few houses from each other.

There were many people, so I was only able to enter the Roth's home. The father of Malki Roth displayed tremendous inner strength and fortitude.

Mr. Roth read a composition that Malki had written at age 11, stating that no Jew should ever give up hope, that each and every loss should be felt by each Jew as their own loss; not just another number.

A Mr. Schonbrum told Mr. Roth, that people in his shul were talking about the loss of Malki as if it was their own loss.

Mr. Julian Yudelson, showing tremendous compassion, told Mr. Roth of his own 14 year old daughter, who died at a Shabbaton.

Upon leaving, Mr. Yudelson vigorously took Mr. Roth's hand and tried to give him true chizuk. He told Mr. Roth, that he must be very strong because the pain will never completely go away.

Rabbi Schonfeld concluded by saying how the phrase of Hamokom took on new meaning with all the Availum in Yerushalayim.

Hashem Yikum Es Domom.