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Friday, April 28, 2006

Isru Chag or Was It?

Being that it was a few days before Yom Hashoah, it was interesting to revisit the new section of Yad Vashem. Having been there twice before, I focused on some different artifacts.

I felt weird looking at Nazi board games with plastic pieces of swastika emblems adorning the game instead of cars or the like as board pieces. I saw all types of crazy ‘Tchatzkes’ as souvenirs of the German Reich. In a small alcove, I saw a black and white photo of a dining room with a prominently displayed sign, stating ‘no Jews allowed – this is a Jewish free zone.’

The year the photo was taken was 1905, almost 30 years before Hitler came into power and forty years before the end of the War.

Who woulda thunk it?