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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Olmert’s Folly

The futility of Ehud Olmert’s regime may have finally come to an end.

After testifying before the Winograd Commission, Olmert admitted that in March 2006, he chose a moderate plan of attack which was based on air warfare with a limited ground operation.

Although Shaul Mafoz had been the defense minister at that time, this plan was later executed by then chief of staff Dan Halutz, the latter having accepted the bulk of the blame for Israel’s failure during the summer war.

Incredulously, Olmert defended his move to escalate the war in the closing days in order to pressur the UN Security Council to draft a cease fire resolution more favorable to Israel.

In the end, resolution 1701, did not adequatley address Israel’s security needs and 33 soldiers were killed in the last 48 hours.

Olmert, foolishly admitted, that the escalation would not have been necessary had the earlier ground offensives been succesful.

And who chose that plan?

As Dr. Seuss so elequently wrote regarding Marvin K. Mooney, we can now say the same for Ehud K. Olmert.

Would you just please go NOW?