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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh Canada, Glorious and Free, We Stand on Guard, We Stand on Guard For Thee

Adam Stern led Canada to an 8-6 victory over team USA in the World Baseball Classic. He did so by hitting a solo inside the park home run giving Canada an 8-0 lead. With the score 8-6, Stern saved the Canadians with a great catch robbing the USA of a 3 run home run.

Stern, who last year as a member of the Boston Red Sox, along with his teammates, Gabe Kapler and Kevin Youkilis, became a blip on the Jewish radar watch, when the 3 entered a game in the ninth inning.

It was the only time 3 Jews were on the same playing field in a mjor league baseball match. The event is being commemorated on a set of baseball cards by the Upper Deck Company.

Who needs 'Let's Go Mets.' Why not 'Let's Go Jews!'