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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cinema of the Holocaust

There have been numerous films on the Holocaust. The ones that sometime have the most impact are the fictional stories based on true events. From Schindler's List to Europa, Europa to Life is Beautiful, these stories open the heart. Other's such as The Tin Drum sicken it.

Lately I've seen some of the smaller films which may have been missed by most of you. The Last Butterfly, Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg and Rose's Songs are quite interesting films about Thereseinstadt and the last days of the war in Budapest.

Recently, Germany has been exploring it's own past with films such as Downfall and Napola which focused on the last days of Hitler and the elite youth movement. More of late, they are focusing on the very small few who tried to fight against the Nazis.

Though I have not seen the film, I have heard good things regarding Sophie Scholl: The Final Days about the last six days in the life of a renowned German anti-Nazi activist.

An excellent film which I have seen is Rosenstrasse about the women who protested against the Nazis to be reunited with their Jewish families through marriage.

Though it may go against the grain of our sensibilities towards inter-marriage and the notion that there were any 'good' Germans during WWII, it is a fine film and I highly recommend it.