Maccabee's Wars

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Purim Story Continues

Ahmed Saadat, the alleged murderer of Rechavam Ze'evi has been captured by Israeli forces in Jericho.

Notwithstanding the accusations of collusion with the British and the Americans, the benefit to Ehud Olmert's election campaign, and the alienation of the palestinians who destoy a British building in the same vein as their actions regarding the caricatures of Mohammed, (destroy, destroy, destroy) the capture of Saadat is the beginning of justice.

A few years ago in August 2001, shortly after the Sabbaro massacre, I was on a solidarity mission to Israel when our group met Knesset minister Ze'evi at Neot Kedumim. He spoke at length of the appreciation he had for our visit at that time. He was murdered shortly thereafter in a major hotel in Jerusalem.

The palestinians have been nothing but a hindrance in the apprehension of terrrorists and murderers.

If this is Ze'evi's murderer, let this be the beginning of the capture of every last one of them.

Timche es zacheir Amalek.